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I have to be somewhere
Now where did I put it?
*Settling onto his lap, wrapping her arms around him*

All of this magic... but what use is it? I can't make the pain go away, can't banish the thoughts of her from our minds. Can't bring your mum back for real.

Questions. So many questions.Collapse )

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I can't believe it.Collapse )

*Smiles and digs a spoon into her pudding*
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*Head grazing the wooden slats of the under part of the bed frame as she closes her hand around her necklace*

Miss you always Mummy.

*Putting it back on*Collapse )

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*Sitting next to the fire, finally closing her books*

Well that's the last of it for tonight. Or this morning. Right now at least. I really did mean to work on this over the weekend but there was the Quidditch match and then we started working on the matches and afterward Neville was rather adamant about me staying at Hoboken.

Not that I particularly minded, but it did make revisions quite difficult.

And something seemed to be bothering Neville, but every time I wanted to ask something else seemed to come up. I supposed if it's terribly important he'll tell me.

*Begins climbing the stairs up to her dorm*

Unless it has to do with the I-know-what. He's supposed to keep that confidential, though my curiosity is positively killing me...

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*Sitting behind a miniature fort of books, quills and parchment*

It never ends...Collapse )

Informing the wizarding world of the truth will just have to wait until after I finish revising.

*Stomach rumbles*

As will dinner, hush you.

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*At a table strewn with texts on various subjects*

*Chews on Sugar Quill Thoughtfully*Collapse )

*Glances at pile of books looming on the table, and packs away the extraneous materials*

The Redoxilic Charm is best used when...

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*Lying on her bed, one arm wrapped around Sven and the other over a Potions book*

This almost doesn't feel like home anymore...Collapse )

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*Lying half asleep next to Neville who is also dozing*

*Shifts a little, one eye open to look at him, feels heart begin to beat a little faster than normal*

I could be half dead and you'd still make my heart skipCollapse )

*Nuzzles his shoulder and turns away from the afternoon sun*

This next year may be a bit uncertain, but I know where I want to be five, ten, thirty-two, seventy years from now; right in this spot, just like this.

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At least they tried to seem enthusiastic about the presents, today was as good a time as any to give them. Anything to take their minds of off Ronald. Poor Ronald...

When will it end?Collapse )

Twenty four days before my last train ride to Hogwarts, and I've still got a stack of Transfiguration papers to write. Will we even have a professor to read them?

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*Sitting and eating cake at a table with Ginny*

ThinkingCollapse )

*Looks up from her cake to see the twins walking toward herself and Ginny*

Gred, Forge, no honest I can't play.. Take Ginny. Oh, not you too! Traitor!

*Is dragged into an impromptu game of Quidditch*

Well I hope my side doesn't mind losing...

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