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*Returning to the Ravenclaw dorms* - I have to be somewhere
Now where did I put it?
*Returning to the Ravenclaw dorms*
I thought Madame Pomfrey would never let me leave...

It wasn't enough that she fed me all of those foul potions, but she had to wake me up every hour.

Why was it her? Where's Neville?

I know I heard her telling father that the potions would make me "right as rain" but still she had to wake me up just to tell me I needed more rest. I don't know how she found me... or how Neville found me... thank Merlin he was there though.

Dumbledore tried to explain some of it but I just can't remember what he was saying, his voice is so soothing and his robes are so nice to look at.

*Opening the door to her room*

What on Earth is my trunk doing here? Last time I saw it was at the villa... Neville must have brought it back!

*hurries to her bed and throws open the curtain unable to stop the sinking feeling in her stomach when she sees only immaculately placed pillows and duvets*

He wouldn't have come all the way here with my things without stopping by... He wouldn't.

*sits slowly down on the bed before falling backward, ignoring the twinge in her shoulder and the tears forming in her eyes*

I need to see him... hold him... He was hurt too... I...

*curls up into the fetal position, sobs racing through her already sore ribs*

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