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*Ravenclaw Dorm* - I have to be somewhere
Now where did I put it?
*Ravenclaw Dorm*
*Lying on her bed, her hand fisted around a piece of parchment*

I wouldn't even let myself think about being worried, but how could I pretend that things were normal when most of the teachers were missing from lunch and dinner? I don't know how many of the other students noticed, but I certainly did, and I imagine Ginny did as well.

Nothing in the Prophet just yet, not that that means anything, they never report on anything important.

But at least he's in one piece. Even if did sound like it was a bit of a tattered piece, he was able to write the letter himself.

Damn these rules, I want to go to Hoboken now... See for myself. Though I'm not sure he's even back yet and that might ruin his cover with his housemates.

*curses again pulling his jumper tight around her*

Next time I'm taking a pillow case, too. Maybe three.

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