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The Library - I have to be somewhere
Now where did I put it?
The Library
Capital idea, I've finished my independent study project and have found myself with a wealth of time. Unfortunately.

*Folds the note into a little paper frog and charms it to hop across the library to the table Ginny has commandeered*

Mum always said that at birth, we were given all of the time we would ever need in a quintillion tiny boxes. Of course, when ever we do need them they're hidden under our socks somewhere. But now the matches are done and the passes are gone, and I find dozens of the boxes in my hands every day.

Not that the professors don't try dearly to take it all away, I just wish I could actually see how Neville is...managing, instead of just having to read it from what he says and doesn't in his owls. I don't know if I can wait until the official Hogsmeade weekend, Saturday seems like such a long way away...

Maybe next Monday... Perhaps I could convince Professor Flitwick for an allowance, seeing how it is to be my eighteenth birthday. And I didn't get a chance to spend the last one with him...

*Fingers the pendant around her neck*

I don't think this would be quite what the professors had in mind for my study time but...

*Angles a book upright in front of her and squeezes the stone, picking the first memory she can find... He's laughing and tossing hand fulls of water at her as he chases her through the shallow tide. "I'm going to get you for that, imp!"*

*Sits back eyes a bit unfocused as the afternoon plays out*

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